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Is your company having a holiday party and you need holiday food? No worries we can give you holiday food with a slight Jamaican twist! Check out our holiday menu!


                   Cranberry Sauce

Sliced cranberry   6 inch Circular Pan feeds 12 $20 (40 oz.) 2.5lbs

            Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Freshly grated shredded cheddar cheese, whole milk, and macaroni noodle. half pan serves 15  (56 oz.) 3.5lbs $30,  full pan serves  30 (112 oz.) 7lbs $60

                   Cornbread Stuffing

Crushed cornbread mixed with ground celery, onions, butter, vegetable broth, and sea salt and baked to perfection. half pan serves 15  (56 oz.) 3.5lbs $30,  full pan serves  30 (112 oz.) 7lbs $60

               Steamed Rainbow Greens 

A variety of mix of colorful kale and collard greens steamed with olive oil and garlic  half pan serves 15  (48 oz.) 3lbs $28,  full pan serves 30 (96 oz.) 6lbs $56

                      Pumpkin Rice

White rice cooked with coconut milk and chopped bits of pumpkin Half pan $30 Full Pan $60  half pan serves 10-15  (48 oz. ) 2lbs,  full pan serves  20 -30 (64 oz.) 4lbs

                  Brown Gravy – 16oz. $10
                   Sweet Potato Pie $15

               Yardie Jamaican Stew

Stewed onion, sweet potatoes, ginger, vegetable stock, zucchini, okra, chopped tomatoes, Kale, chopped cilantro, seasoned with lime juice, thyme, ground allspice with a hint of spiced Chile  half pan serves 15  (72 oz.) 4.5lbs $45,  full pan serves 30 (144 oz.) 9lbs $90

                 Caribbean Turkey

Grilled whole turkey stuffed with apples, mangos, pineapples, and celery.  Seasoned with light jerk seasoning and ginger. Feeds 40  $90 (240 oz.) 15lbs

              Old Fashioned Turkey

Baked turkey, seasoned with sea salt, coarse black pepper, basil, thyme and stuffed with cooked onions, apples, and celery. Feeds 40 $90 (240 oz.) 15lbs

We cater tasty Jamaican Cuisine for all occasions!